Real Life TV

Have you ever wanted to watch TV or films while exercising on your Fortius trainer? I’m using the method below, which is at almost no cost and works pretty well – at least for me.

Fortius software (does not work with new TTS software)
Windows 7 or Windows Vista Home Premium
TV-Tuner (e.g. USB DVB-T Stick) plugged into your  PC and Windows Media Center configured.

How it works:

  1. Start Fortius software, select a real life video and start the exercise.
  2. Launch Windows MediaCenter software in full screen mode (I do this by pressing the Media Center Button on my wireless keyboard or MCE remote).
  3. Go to Live-TV and select a TV channel or a recorded show. Start watching.
  4. Switch back to the Fortius Software by pressing „Alt-TAB“ on the keyboard.
  5. Done. You should now see the TV or recorded Video instead of the Real Life Video but have the overlays (e.g. Speed, Heart Rate, …) of the Fortius Software. By pressing up and down on the Fortius controller you can switch through the different views supported by the software. Unfortunately the TV picture does not resize, when you’re in „window“ mode (see screenshot below).

Some screenshots:


with TV (Full Screen)

with TVwith TV (Window)

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